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how do i get rid of a virus?

Last Updated: Jun 27, 2013  |  4 Views
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Ashley, you have not asked a simple question.  There are a couple of free antivirus that you can run on your computer and you should always run one.  The one that I use at home is AVG, there is both a free version and a version that you must pay for so be sure you get the free one.  You must uninstall any antivirus that may already be installed on your computer.  Install AVG and run it, let it clean, restart your computer and run it again.  If you have a nast virus try running AVG in safe mode(google how to do that).  There is also a free anti-spyware that is quite good called Advanced System Care.  Run these repeatedly to see if they can clean it.  Fair warning though, some of the viruses are so well written that they are difficult if not impossible to clean.  Sometimes you have no choice but to rebuild your computer.

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