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Will my federal pell grant for ASUJ also cover ASUN?

I have a federal pell grant for ASUJ for 2012-2013. I tried to add ASUN as a school on my FAFSA, but it wouldn't let me because the school code was too long. The first six digits of ASUN's school code is the same as ASUJ's school code. Will my federal pell grant for spring 2013 also cover my ASUN classes?
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First, Are you enrolled on the ASTATE Jonesboro campus or the ASUNewport-Jonesboro campus? If you are seeking a degree from and are enrolled on the ASTATE- Jonesboro, your financial aid will have to be processed on the ASTATE campus and you will need to let them know the number of hours that you are enrolled on the Newport campus. The ASTATE (Jonesboro) financial aid office will inform you of the numbers of hours that will be paid for classes on the Newport campus.  

If you are seeking a degree from the ASUN-Jonesboro campus and are taking classes on both the ASUN-Jonesboro and Newport campus, you will need to come into our office so that one of the ASUN financial aid officers can look at your info. The financial aid office will close for the holidays on December 18th at 4:30 and will return back to campus on January 2.

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